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20th September, 2022

More Hours for Drivers; Less Costs for Trucking Industry

Truck driving can be a hassle when you're on the road. You need to make sure you have enough gas, get opportunities to take breaks, and learn the best parking spots, truck stops, and public parking areas around. The best part about #Semiyard is that it saves money and time...

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7th September, 2022

Truck Drivers identify Parking & Pay as the Top most Critical Issues in 2021

Among many other issues faced by the trucking industry, one of the most critical is the truck parking shortage. It is not just another critical issue but a dangerous one. A survey named “Annual Top Industry Issues Report” conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute in 2021, collected over 2,500 responses...

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29th August, 2022

The Ultimate Low-Cost Truck Parking Shortage Solution: Semiyard Driver App

America is Huge and so as the truck parking shortage issue. The major truck parking shortage is obviously around the populated areas which are represented by bright yellow light spots in the above map. It becomes a nightmare for a truck driver to find a temporary (daily or hourly) truck...

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25th August, 2022

Long-term truck parking leases are welcomed by both the Truckers & The Yard Partners.

Semiyard Driver app is a real-time truck parking mobile app for truck drivers to find parking nearby. It solves the problem of finding suitable parking for trucks amidst the shortage of space in big cities and trucking hotspots. SemiYard helps you to find an empty lot and saves hours of...

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