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Truck Parking Shortage Solution

I wish you all a Happy 4th. We mark our 246th Independence day with celebrations. We have a rich history of contributions and sacrifices that made us the world’s leader. Hard work is one of them and so is the concern for our country.

Truck parking shortage is a big problem for our country that is getting dangerous. If the drivers will not find a suitable parking spot after a long drive, where will they park and rest, if they have to follow the hours of service laws? That usually is when they park on the side of the freeway ramps. They may not get full sleep and that is how it may get dangerous. We can solve this problem in minutes if everyone from the Top to the trucking industry, industry as a whole, and actually the United States, we the people, are sincere in solving the problem.

Without any big cost or bureaucratic formalities, the truck parking shortage problem can be solved by Semiyard. We have the technology and solution to solve truck parking shortage problem in days.

The only way forward is a rational discussion and action with the smart use of current infrastructure, technology, statutes at the government level, and standards at the industrial level. Semiyard is determined to lift the bell and tie it to Cat’s neck. We have got the technology, the whole model, and the solution. The only solution is to offer a truck parking app on the phones of the drivers to offer them truck parking slots in real-time, near them.

Today, being a stakeholder in the #trucking industry, our message for every American is to play their part, if possible, in solving this problem. The most important step will be understanding the problem. It is such a huge this that you will see fancy dinners, of the trucking associations and stakeholders, in the white house or an address from a representative in the house, here and there.

The solution is not to build more truck stops.

All this is not enough to handle the trucking parking shortage problem. It is a dangerous problem that is being ignored by the Government and costing the Trucking Industry Millions in Fines & Liabilities. 

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