more hours for drivers, less costs for trucking industry

More Hours for Drivers; Less Costs for Trucking Industry

Truck driving can be a hassle when you’re on the road. You need to make sure you have enough gas, get opportunities to take breaks, and learn the best parking spots, truck stops, and public parking areas around. The best part about #Semiyard is that it saves money and time for both truck drivers and trucking companies. It allows them to profit by increasing the number of on-road hours of the day. Semiyard is available on Apple Store and Android devices.


Benefit for Drivers:

Parking has never been more accessible.


  • The #Semiyard app gives truck drivers the ability to locate a parking space in their vicinity, reserve it, and unlock it with directions. Save time and money with the Semiyard app.
  • Designed with the truckers in mind, you can find & book parking faster and easier than ever before. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the whole process.
  • Real-time data and parking availability so no disappointment when reaching the yard or at the reserved parking spot.
  • Long-term parking available
  • Drivers with more time to drive and less time to waste searching the parking spot every time they need to park will now have more time to drive and rest.
  • Fewer accidents with stress-free driving on the road.
  • Truck drivers can drive more safely, while companies experience fewer fines, insurance, and liabilities.

Semiyard is here to make a life for truck drivers easier. Truck drivers are always under pressure to find parking spaces in their hometowns. Semiyard provides a mobile-friendly app that shares real-time information about available parking spaces.


Benefits for Trucking Companies and Owner Operators:

Semiyard lets truck drivers find and book truck parking in minutes whether they’re on a cross-country drive or just passing through. Semiyard also lets truck companies manage their parking spaces, control inventory, and streamline payments with this easy-to-use mobile app. Semiyard envisions scaling the enormous benefits of our “Business Model” to multiple industries. Even the real estate industry is getting high returns on investment partnering with Semiyard.


Now let’s talk about the benefits Semiyard will directly provide to the Trucking Industry.


  • Less fines for parking in the no parking zones.
  • No need to park on the side of the roads or freeway exits and get into accidents. Less liability coverage costs in case of accidents.
  • Decreased overheads & increased efficiency such as consuming less fuel for not wandering around finding an available parking space and less waste of time.
  • Long-term parking agreements & contracts with the truck parking yards in the Semiyard network
  • Keep a few parking spots reserved for your vehicles on a long-term basis to park trucks or trailers at the gated, secure parking yard with 24/7 access.

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