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With the best technology available in the United States, in the most resourceful country, having one of the best transportation laws, regulations and huge truck parking lots sitting vacant, yes vacant all over the country, truck parking shortage is not a resource issue, or a system issue but just a planning issue. 

Other than the Semiyard Driver App, there is no authentic , real-time, on-the-go technology or app for the truck drivers available to show truck parking availability and this is a main reason for truck driver distrust and confusion, according to a new research. Freight demand is at an all time high whereas, the drivers and the trucking industry is struggling with the truck parking shortage. 

I am just using the phrase “truck parking shortage” because the problem is widely known as the truck parking shortage, whereas, in reality, there is no shortage of the parking lots or parking slots but planning to use the available space efficiently and effectively using the right technology in place. 

ATRI (The American Transportation Research Institute, the organization to research for the American trucking association published a research on the availability and usage of the truck parking availability systems by the truck drivers. The analyzed how the availability information is shared and found out that, 

“This new research on driver issues and preferences toward truck parking information systems is hopefully a first step in developing a national driver-centric system, built on clear standards and approaches,” said Bill Hambrick, truck driver for Werner Enterprises and an America’s Road Team Captain.

There were more that 1,100 truck drivers surveyed and various truck parking information systems were analyzed but found out that there is a big lack of national standards and not a single system is of use. 

The question is why? And Semiyard smiles and says, “there is no planning involved whatsoever”.

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