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Trucks may not need drivers but parking

Semiyard’s solution to the truck parking problem can not only accommodate the parking for all the trucks in the U.S. but also the trucks produced in the next 10 years electric, diesel, or autonomous. Not only that, #Semiyard is committed to offering all the fancy services, maintenance, and charging facilities to electric and autonomous trucks in our truck parking yards. This will also include TRANSIT and LODGING facilities for all “types” of Semi Trucks. By “types” I mean the diesel, electric, and autonomous trucks in the future.
It is very important to fix the truck parking problem first before anything.
Now that we are having autonomous, self-driving cars running around, we also read or hear about the prototypes of self-driving autonomous trucks. The self-driving autonomous trucks are not far behind. Recently, autonomous trucking technology developer Embark Trucks recently completed a public demonstration of its emergency vehicle interaction capability. I appreciate their achievements and the technology must keep moving forward. It’s just that, this introduction of technology and the concept of self-driven trucks made me think about other things such as the probable unemployment of a lot of truck drivers.
My thoughts were tangled between the problems, the U.S. trucking industry is facing and now instead of focusing on huge current problems, we may create more for the industry. For example, the biggest problem in the industry is the truck parking shortage in the entire U.S. but before having driverless trucks on the roads, we need a full infrastructure to take special care of these special trucks. Whereas, we don’t even have enough charging stations for the electric truck on the road yet.
Working towards the Goals & Mission of #Semiyard, the team proudly and confidently believes that we have all the solutions to the Truck Parking Shortage problem in the U.S. We have designed these solutions with the help of #technology and #people with real-life experiences in the trucking industry from over 60 years collectively.

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