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Semiyard the truck parking shortage solution

Truck parking shortage issue has been up on the agenda to discuss in both the houses, and at the state government, city and county levels, several times. It has been felt like the worst cliche in the trucking industry because no one in the government or the industry is ready to think of a sustainable, permanent solution. The trucking industry did not see any practical solution or suggestion but the best proposed solution was establishing more truck stops around the freeways. Truck stops may help but just fractionally because truck stops are only useful when drivers are out and about.

Where should the drivers park when they need to come back home from long routes?

The answer of this question is provided by Semiyard, the only, long-term, problem-solving solution, a truck parking app that helps you find long-term parking slot lease in real-time.  Using the app, the trucking industry and the drivers will be able to save a lot of resources wasted on illegal parking tickets, gas to find a decent parking slot, time and cost. Not just the cost, if the government and the people with authority are serious, they can solve this problem in just one day because the land, commercial properties, M1 and M2 zoned properties, heavy industry and warehouses, all have ample space in the whole country to handle the truck parking shortage situation. The only consideration will be the lease terms and the liability situations which can be discussed and some rules can handle these situations.

It comes back to planning and the system. We are need of a system that just handle and accommodate all the trucks on road at a safe and secure parking spot in real-time. This system is offered by Semiyard driver app. Semiyard leases full properties to establish a truck parking yard, or a few parking slots (partially) from the yard owners, warehouses and industrial property owners and list them as the truck parking slots on Semiyard Driver App.

This way, the listed parking yards and slots are booked by the drivers in real-time, seamlessly and the property owners make a lot more extra money for they space they don’t use.

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