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According to American Trucking Associations, there is only one parking spot available for more than 11 truck drivers. Where are the other 10 truckers parking their trucks while on a route or after they are done with their shift?


Truck parking shortage is also considered a huge problem at the governmental level. That is why, House Representatives Mike Bost (R-Ill.) and Angie Craig (D-Minn.) have introduced the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act. The act aims to secure and set-aside necessary funds to create safe truck parking spots. These funds will be secured from the existing US-DOT funds. These funds will be used to expand rest areas, establish new truck parking facilities, offer the parking spaces available at existing weigh stations, and find other solutions to the problem. 


The truck parking shortage is not just a problem but a dangerous problem. Think of a truck driver that is on the road for a while and it is time for the mandatory rest. He/she couldn’t find a safe place to park around and had to park at the side of a highway entrance or exit ramps or on the side of a country road. This may not be safe for the driver or the other vehicles. If a driver doesn’t find a decent place to park and rest, it may cause accidents as there is a reason for the law mandating drivers to rest and record time in log books and keep them updated. There is also an increase in the incidents where people pump out the gas to the tanks installed on their pickup

Trucks in minutes and the unsecurly parked truck drivers lose $700-$800 worth of Diesel in minutes. Truckers, especially the female drivers, try to find a safe and secure place to park their trucks while resting. 


There can be several other dangers that may come the truckers’ way if they are not parked securely and safely and the solution is not just constructing new parking lots, or expanding existing rest areas and truck stops. There are a bunch of mobile apps out there and they are also not enough to solve the problem as they do not provide real time availability of the parking spots but only rely on the secondary sources of information such as information from Truck Stops and information received from other Truck Drivers on the road.


The solution is simple and is offered by Semiyard. A network of parking yards around the contiguous 48 States with real time parking space availability and seamless booking of a parking space in advance.

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